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Puppy Have Pimples? 4 Steps to Treat Puppy Pyoderma

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If your otherwise healthy puppy has suddenly developed a case of acne on its belly, it might be suffering from a condition known as puppy pyoderma, which closely resembles impetigo. While this skin disease isn’t dangerous, it can make your puppy extremely uncomfortable, especially when the pimples start opening and oozing. When that happens, your puppy may start itching uncontrollably. Here are four steps to take if your puppy has pyoderma. Read More»

Three Considerations When Choosing A Boarding Facility For Your Dog

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When you are choosing a new boarding kennel for your dog, it is important to choose a facility that is the right fit, both for you and your pet. Some facilities offer the minimum amount of care; your dog gets a clean, safe kennel to hang out in while you are gone, with two meals a day and several outdoor potty breaks. Other kennels offer a five-star experience like a human hotel, complete with television in the kennel, socialization time with other dogs, and one-on-one attention from the human staff members. Read More»

Away From Your Puppy For The First Time? Dog Boarding Webcams Can Help

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Leaving your puppy behind when going on vacation can be stressful for both you and your puppy, but you can make the experience much easier on you by looking for a dog boarding facility that has webcams. If you’re unsure of what this means, is simply means that the kennel offers a webcams service that allows you to check in on your dog. If you’re still uncertain of what makes this service so great or you’re undecided whether you should leave your dog with a pet sitter instead, consider some of the following benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy. Read More»

Avoid Stressing Out Your Senior Dog With Gentle Grooming

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As the owner of an older dog, there are likely a number of things that you need to do to keep them in good health without exerting too much stress on them. Grooming is one example of something you’ll need to do regularly but need to be careful that you don’t cause too much stress to them by accident.   To take care of grooming at home without stressing out your dog, consider some of the following tips. Read More»

Tips For Boarding An Older Dog

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An older dog may be a true and trusted companion, but they also are more likely to have health concerns that makes leaving them alone when you are on vacation more difficult. Fortunately, boarding (at an outlet such as Doggie Daycare & Motel) is an option that can work especially well for a dog that needs more supervision. The following tips can help you board successfully.  Tip #1: Get a check-up Read More»

Give Your Dog Some Style And Swagger With These Unique Grooming Services

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Want to give your pet a new sense of style, or put some swagger in their step? There are some new trends that are changing the way owners have their dogs groomed. Check out some of the ways that groomers are helping pets develop their own unique style. Some services to give your dog some swagger are: Transform your Bichon into a little bear. One new trend involves transforming your pet into something else, such as dying the hair of a Bichon to look like a little Panda or a terrier into a tiger. Read More»

4 Myths About Dog Training

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If you have recently brought a new puppy into your home or you are thinking about bringing a new puppy home soon, you will want to consider all aspects of how you will be taking care of them. This includes picking out a vet, puppy proofing your home, and even looking into dog training services. Many people don’t consider dog training services and because of some myths that surround them. Here are four myths about dog training you should know: Read More»

Choosing Accommodations For Your Anxiety-Prone Dog? 4 Reasons A Dog Kennel Is Ideal

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Going away from home for a trip requires careful planning if you’re the owner of a dog with separation anxiety. While you may be able to keep your dog comfortable at home when you’re not on vacation, it can be harder for a pet sitter to provide the extent of care that your dog needs when you’re gone. With this in mind, a dog kennel can be a great alternative. Read More»

Boarding A Dog With Special Needs: 3 Important Questions To Ask

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If you require the services of a dog boarder but your pup has special needs or a complex medical condition, you may be worried about finding a facility that can meet those needs. To better assist you in your search, outlined below are three important questions to ask and how the answers can affect your decision. Have You Boarded a Dog With a Similar Condition Before? When determining whether a kennel is right for your dog, it’s important to know whether they have the proper experience to handle your pup. Read More»