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Avoid Stressing Out Your Senior Dog With Gentle Grooming

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As the owner of an older dog, there are likely a number of things that you need to do to keep them in good health without exerting too much stress on them. Grooming is one example of something you'll need to do regularly but need to be careful that you don't cause too much stress to them by accident.  

To take care of grooming at home without stressing out your dog, consider some of the following tips.  

Make Routine Brushing a Habit

Brushing your dog is an important part of grooming, whether they have short or long hair. Brushing can be relaxing to some dogs while others can get uncomfortable with the pressure of being brushed. With this in mind, you want to make a habit of brushing them so they can get used to the feeling.

Take Nail Trimming One Paw at a Time

Trimming the nails on your dog is important for keeping them dulled so they do not feel uncomfortable or cause damage to your flooring or furniture. Trimming each nail on your dog's paws takes some time, especially if your dog is uncomfortable with getting their nails trimmed. In order to avoid any unnecessary stress, remember to take it one paw at a time and take breaks in your dog starts to get restless.

Save Bath Time for Playtimes

Giving your dog a bath can be a necessity when they've gone weeks or months without one and they start to smell. If you simply take your dog into the shower or hose them off outside, they may become uncomfortable due to the water pressure or needing to sit still. A good way to make them comfortable with being washed is saving their baths for after playtime sessions. This can help ensure that they're worn out and won't struggle with being washed.

Don't Forget the Importance of Rewards

An easy way to make it more comfortable on your dog while being groomed it is making sure that they have rewards that they like. Positive reinforcement can make a big difference in how your dog does with being groomed, even leading to them desiring being brushed or washed. Positive reinforcement in the form of a treat and verbal rewards are the best choices for combining with grooming.   

While your senior dog can likely be groomed at home with the above tips in mind, you may still be uncertain about your ability to give them a thorough grooming. If you don't think you can handle the task, look into visiting a pet groomer regularly so that your dog can be cleaned and in good health.