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Why You Should Choose A Dog Groomer Who Uses A Spray Nozzle

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When you're looking for a groomer who can wash your pet dog and trim its fur several times a year, you can visit some of the dog grooming services in your community to assess their facilities. There are lots of things that you can learn during these visits, including what type of washing station the service uses. Some washing stations are equipped with a hose that will allow water to flow over your pet, while others have a hose that has a spray nozzle at the end. This detail might seem minor to you, but it's an important one to consider as you choose a grooming service. Here are some reasons to use a service that has a spray nozzle.

Deeper Clean

It's unquestionable that a spray nozzle will allow the groomer to clean your pet more thoroughly. This is something that is especially important if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors and frequently gets dirty. For example, if the animal rolls on the ground, it can push dirt deep into its fur and against its skin. The gentle trickle of a hose won't typically do enough to remove all of the dirt, which would leave you with a pet that is only partially clean. When a grooming service has a spray nozzle in its washing station, you can count on a deeper cleaning.


A groomer who uses a spray nozzle while washing your dog will be able to exfoliate your dog's skin more thoroughly than a groomer who uses a gentle trickle of water, thanks to the firm pressure of the water as it blasts through the nozzle. It's common for dogs to develop large amounts of dander on their skin, which is ideal to remove during the washing process. This is particularly true if you have family members who are allergic to pet dander. The exfoliation that occurs during this process may help people to react less to your pet.


Using a spray nozzle on your dog can give it a massage-like feeling during the washing process, which can help to make this experience more enjoyable. If you know that your dog enjoys vigorous rubbing, the pressure from the nozzle may provide a similar sensation. You want your dog to enjoy its grooming appointments, and having it feel as though it's getting a massage-like experience can help in this regard. Be sure to confirm that your groomer will use a spray nozzle during your pet's grooming sessions.