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Give Your Dog Some Style And Swagger With These Unique Grooming Services

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Want to give your pet a new sense of style, or put some swagger in their step? There are some new trends that are changing the way owners have their dogs groomed. Check out some of the ways that groomers are helping pets develop their own unique style.

Some services to give your dog some swagger are:

Transform your Bichon into a little bear. One new trend involves transforming your pet into something else, such as dying the hair of a Bichon to look like a little Panda or a terrier into a tiger.

Give your dog Donald's hair. In light of the recent US Presidential race, many pet owners are showing their support for Republican candidate Donald Trump by giving their pet a lookalike cut. This involves leaving a flop of hair on top that is slicked to the side or the back, echoing Donald Trump's famous hair.

Pedicure paws with some bling. Painting a dog's nails may not seem like anything new, but the painted toenails seen recently are over the top. Bold colors, metallic finishes, and patterns, such as zebra striped or leopard spotted nails, are becoming the rage.

Treat your pet to a temporary tattoo. Give a short-clipped pet a bit of style and swagger with temporary tattoos. These are often made from non-toxic glitter and paint, and they adhere to the dog's fur or skin until bathed.

Groom some geometric shapes. There is currently a trend in Taiwan where dog's faces are groomed to replicate a geometric shape, such as a circle or a square. This has been dubbed "cubing", as the dog's fur is often trimmed to resemble the form of an ice-cube.

Use color to create your canine's look. Many groomers have used dye for years with their clients' pets, but there is a new trend emerging that utilizes dye in various, vibrant colors. This allows owners with a penchant for color to create bright, rainbow-themes on their pets, that typically washes out after a bath or two.

Grooming to go? Another new grooming trend is mobile dog grooming units. These are being found in many regions and are enabling owners to keep up with their pet's grooming needs without leaving home.

Why stick to the same old bath and trim when you can give your pet some swagger and style with these unique grooming options? Talk to a pet groomer from a company like Keshlyn Kennels about what new and inventive services are offered, and try something a little bit different. Your pet may feel like a new dog when he or she sports a cool cut, pampered pedicure, or a fun dye-job the next time they are groomed!