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Choosing Accommodations For Your Anxiety-Prone Dog? 4 Reasons A Dog Kennel Is Ideal

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Going away from home for a trip requires careful planning if you're the owner of a dog with separation anxiety. While you may be able to keep your dog comfortable at home when you're not on vacation, it can be harder for a pet sitter to provide the extent of care that your dog needs when you're gone. With this in mind, a dog kennel can be a great alternative.

All Day and Night Care Offered

While the specific services at a dog kennel vary between facilities, you can expect 24/7 care to be offered at some kennels—something that can't happen when you have a pet sitter visit your home. The benefit of 24/7 care is the peace of mind that your dog will never go without a quick response. This can be essential if your dog is prone to anxiety and would benefit by having an attendant around at all times.

Play Sessions or One-on-One Play Can Keep Your Dog Busy

Whether your dog enjoys playing with other dogs or would prefer to be with a person, receiving all of the attention, a dog kennel can typically add both services. This can be a good way to ensure that your dog is kept socialized and exercised, compared to having a pet sitter visit your home who may not be able to spend a lot of time giving your dog attention. For anxiety-prone dogs, regular playtime and attention is crucial.

Attentive Kennel Attendants Can Keep an Eye Out for Trouble

Along with 24/7 care and all-day play, a dog kennel can make sure that your dog can be cared for immediately if they have any health issues. When a dog has anxiety, they could begin licking or chewing out their fur, shaking, and even experiencing panic attacks. By keeping your dog at a dog kennel, medical care can be available without a problem.

Webcam Can Allow You to See Your Dog

While a webcam won't be particularly helpful for your dog, it can definitely be important to you. With an anxiety-prone dog, it comes as no surprise that you'll get worried about your dog while you're away, making a webcam a valuable feature. Since some kennels offer webcams free of charge, while others charge a small fee, make sure to check around if a webcam is vital to you.

As you look into setting up accommodations for your anxiety-prone dog while you're away, keep in mind that dog kennels can be the best fit. Contact a kennel like Crossroads Pet Resort for more info.