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Why Do Dogs Love Dog Day Care?

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Dog daycare centers provide daytime care for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Unlike dog boarding facilities, which are designed to accommodate overnight guests, dog daycares cater to daytime visitors. Pet owners who work during the day can take their dogs to a daycare center where dog lovers will take good care of them instead of leaving their pets alone at home. Here are four reasons why your pet might enjoy staying at a dog daycare:

1. Social Time With Other Dogs

Dogs are pack animals at heart, thanks to their wolf ancestry. Even dogs who live alone typically enjoy spending time with other canines. At a dog daycare, dogs can enjoy the company of other dogs. Every dog is carefully vetted to ensure they play well with others before being accepted into daycare, so you can rest assured that your dog will be safe. At daycare centers, dogs can play with each other to their hearts' content. Your dog can make great friends with the other guests staying at doggie daycare.

2. Playtime

Dogs are often full of energy, especially young dogs. When cooped up alone in a house all day, dogs can use their energy for destructive purposes, like biting furniture and making messes. Dog daycares provide mental and physical stimulation for dogs. Dogs can play with each other and with toys provided for their enrichment. Daily playtime can keep dogs physically fit and reduce their risk of obesity and behavioral issues.

3. Quiet Places to Rest

Even the most social dog may become overstimulated by too much excitement. Reticent dogs are even more likely to become overwhelmed by too much time spent in energizing environments. Fortunately, dog daycares provide quiet places for dogs to rest. When dogs become tired, they can rest in kennels or quiet areas that are set apart from busy playrooms. When dogs have a safe place to retreat, they're less likely to become stressed and agitated.

4. Attentive Care 

Most importantly, dogs receive attentive care at a dog daycare center. Dogs will receive the attention and affection they need to feel content and secure. Daycare attendants will ensure that all of your dog's needs are met, providing food, water, and treats as necessary. Daycare attendants will supervise dogs' play at all times to prevent accidents. If dogs require veterinary assistance, their owners will be notified as soon as possible, and the necessary medical care will be provided promptly.