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The Benefits Of Using A Boarding Service When You Need To Travel

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If you are expected to travel away from home on business and you have a cat or dog, finding a way to have them cared for while you are not around is necessary. Here are some benefits obtained when you select a boarding service for this reason.

Pickup And Dropoff Service Is Provided If Desired

When time is of the essence and you need to leave for your business trip immediately, you may not have time to drop off your pet at a facility beforehand. Selecting a boarding business that provides pickup or dropoff services takes away the worry about transporting your pet yourself. A staff member is dispatched to your home to retrieve your dog or cat and safely brings them to their establishment for safe-keeping until you are able to get back home. In addition, some boarding facilities also provide dropoff services so your pet is brought back to you without delay upon your return. Contact a pet pickup service to learn more.

Your Pet Is Monitored For Health Issues Constantly

One reason why people select boarding facilities to watch their pets is that these businesses provide around-the-clock medical assistance to dogs and cats under their watch. If you have a pet that has a medical condition, you have the peace of mind that it is monitored throughout your pet's stay so intervention can be given if needed. If your pet takes medication, be sure to provide the boarding facility with detailed instructions regarding the dosage and frequency of administration of the drug to your pet. Most boarding facilities have a veterinarian in-house or that can be contacted via phone for emergencies should they occur.

Quarters Are Comfortable And Attention Is Abundant

A dog or cat that stays at a boarding facility is provided with plenty of attention from staff members. They have comfortable living arrangements, including spacious areas for both resting and playing. Most pets are provided with their own allotted space during boarding. If you know that your pet enjoys particular bedding items or toys, bring them or send them along with your pet if you request pickup service. Staff members then utilize these items to aid in making your pet comfortable during their stay. 

Some boarding facilities provide grooming services, obedience classes, or group exercise activities for pets. If you are interested in any of these features, inquire about them at the time you sign your pet up for boarding so you can add them to your pet's schedule.