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Managing Your Cat's Kidney Disease With Food

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Fighting kidney disease is a tough battle for pet parents and their cats alike. While there is no cure for kidney disease, that doesn't mean that there aren't things you can do to help stave off its effects and to prolong your cat's life. If you're already working with your veterinarian to treat and maintain your cat's hydration levels, then there's still more you can do.

The Importance of What's Eaten

When a cat is healthy, their body can tolerate all kinds of things that they shouldn't necessarily eat, including too much protein. Unfortunately, that's not the case once kidney disease develops.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering out unwanted toxins and proteins from the blood. This is the same kind of protein that your cat eats, among others. When too much protein builds up in the blood, it can make your cat sick. Unfortunately, kidneys with kidney disease don't work at full functionality and aren't as good at getting out excessive amounts of protein from the blood, so what your cat is eating could literally be poisoning them.

Specialized Food

Simply cutting back on what your cat eats isn't a solution here. Your cat needs food more than ever to provide them with the energy they need to stave off kidney disease. So instead, consider switching your cat's food.

Specialized food now exists for cats with myriads of health problems, like poor bladder health, kidney disease, and even heart disease. They're specially formulated to meet the dietary needs of a cat with an illness, like kidney disease.

Switching to a specialized kidney disease food will give your cat the fat and calories they need, plus all the other nutrients that are important to their health. However, the formula will also cut down on protein, which should help your cat to feel more like itself and stay healthier for longer.

Getting It

Many pet stores and online pet stores now carry specialized cat food for conditions like kidney disease. You want to look for something that states that it supports kidney health or renal health, as these are the same thing. You can also compare the nutrient label with a different variety of cat food to see for yourself if the protein content is lower.

Kidney disease is a tough thing to fight, but it can be done, especially if you're feeding your cat the right way. Stop feeding them regular food and make the switch right away.

For more information about different kinds of cat food, contact a pet food supplier.